A Busy CEO’s Guide to Becoming a Published Author in 3 Months: How Vittorio Calabrese Got His Book Written and Published In 3 Months While Running 5 Companies


For a man who is a dad to 5 kids, a husband, and an entrepreneur who oversees multiple companies, writing and publishing a book in 3 months surely will be a crazy idea.

Is writing a book itself a crazy idea?

Of course not.

For Vittorio Calabrese, the CEO of Deskside,  the thought of being able to write and publish his long-term dream book in just 3 months was just a pipe dream before he had a conversation with me during my podcast interview with him.

He has nursed the dream of having his book written and published for years, but he doesn’t know how to.

And even if he knows how to write and publish his book, he doesn’t have the luxury of time to do that.

He once saw one of his friends take the “Do It Yourself” route to get his book published, but that took him a lot of time, and he can’t even get his book in places he could have had his book if he worked with a professional book publishing company like The Book Cot.

Vittorio’s Experience and The Challenge He Faced With Freelance Ghostwriting

For most busy entrepreneurs who dream of writing a book, hiring a freelance ghostwriter is one option that looks good on paper.

This was Vittorio’s first point of call when he started his book-writing process.

He hired a ghostwriter on Upwork to write his book, and a manuscript was delivered to him at the end of that gig.

And that’s all he had.

An uncompleted manuscript.

The issue is here this.

Freelance ghostwriters on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and many others are just what they are – freelance writers.

They are not a publisher.

And even if they are, there is more to writing and publishing a book than what a freelance ghostwriter or publisher will offer.

Vittorio was given a word doc file with many words, but that doesn’t translate into him having a published book.

The Issue, Most Entrepreneurs, Face When Trying To Write and Publish A Book

For busy entrepreneurs like Vittorio, writing a book is a big deal, and of course, it was.

Between June 2022 and August 2022, I interviewed more than 65 busy 6, 7, and 8-figure entrepreneurs on The Six Figure Entrepreneur Podcast.

While doing all these interviews, there is one question I always love to ask.

If you were to write a book today, what would that book be about?

Almost everyone replied with a picture of the book they wanted to write.

And out of sheer curiosity, I always follow up with another question.

What has stopped you, and what’s stopping you from writing that book you just told me about.

The answers to this question have always been in three forms:

1. I Am Too Busy Running My Businesses, And I Don’t Have Time To Write A Book

This is the most common answer I’ve got to that question.

This makes a lot of sense.

Busy entrepreneurs like Vittorio and my podcast guests are busy running their businesses, making money, and also have to deal with running a life!

Where is the time to sit down and write a 40k to 60k word book?

But The Book Cot’s authors have been able to write their books without writing a word.

They also do that without their books being ghostwritten by anyone.

And it doing this doesn’t take more than 4 hours of their time.

2. I Don’t Think I Have Enough Experience Or Expertise To Write A Book

After writing and publishing more than 25 books in different niches, with half of those in the dating niche where I don’t have any business interest, and I don’t want to know, sometimes, I still feel like what do I know to qualify as an author?

One of my books has sold more than 1500 copies since I published it (with no marketing effort on my part to sell it), and knowing anyone who bought that book has the same pain I had some years back in the dating world, I got to understand how much of an impact I have been able to make in the lives of men like me who have bought my book.

I wrote that book to help men struggling with the same pain I spent $750 to hire a dating coach in 2015 to solve.

And if 1500 men have bought that book, who do I need to tell me they are in the same shoe I was in 2015?

From the emails I do get from time to time from men who read the book, I know that book is changing some men’s dating stories for good.

So who are you to write a book?

Of course, as long as you have a story to tell, am expertise you have, or something you love to share with the world, you will be doing the world and many people inside of it some good by getting all you have into a book.

No matter how common, your story is unique, and you are also.

What you know and you are also unique.

That’s all the world needs.

Your story and you, the storyteller – a unique you.

Your expertise and you, the expert – all unique.

That’s all you need to qualify to be an author of a published book.

3. I Have A Lot On My Plate Now, And A Book Is Not My Priority

For the few who gave this answer, I could see the real reason behind their answer.

As a business owner, If I could see that spending X amount of money will give me 2X back, going saying yes to that thing will be a no-brainer.

Although I had helped some authors write and publish their books before I wrote one of my books with my real name on it – Facebook Ads Marketing For Authors, I never understood what writing a business book like that could give me.

From that book (which cost a measly $2.99 on Amazon), I have been able to generate more than $30k in revenue from that book that I wrote off of a post that got a lot of eyeballs on Linkedin.

All this revenue never came from selling the book but from people who came to me after reading that book asking me to help them sell their book using Facebook ads.

I ran my book marketing business for only 6 months before closing it down when it got so bland to work with authors who had written books without thinking about how they will sell them.

Today, I advocate writing a Six Figure Business Book as one of the best ways to generate leads and passively land more clients.

People who buy non-fiction books buy them for a reason – to solve a problem or find answers to a question.

And suppose you can write a book that shows them.

In that case, you know how to solve their problems or give them the right answer to their questions while making it easy for them to get in touch with you for further conversations about how you can help them, get leads and more clients from that will be something you will get used to over time.

These leads are already pre-sold with your book, and you won’t need to “sell” them on why they should work with you.

For Vittorio, his book – Accessing Your True Potential is a business book meant to launch his life coaching business.

That was part of my conversation with him before we worked together to publish his book.

Does a book worth the investment?

Heck yes!

Does a book worth something to prioritize?

If you have a business that needs more leads, customers, or clients, or you plan to launch a new business, and you need some eyeballs for it, I will say writing and publishing a Six Figure Business Book like Vittorio is something you should prioritize

How The Book Cot Helped Vittorio To Become A Published Author In 3 Months

With an unfinished manuscript, the desire to get his book published as a springboard to his coaching career, and his dream of sharing the lessons he has learned in life and business for decades, Vittorio hired The Book Cot’s team to help him with his book.

A few changes were made to his manuscript, while professional and good-looking visual graphics were designed to depict the 4 core principles Accessing Your True Potentials teaches.

Our editors then worked on the final manuscript, which was thoroughly edited and proofread.

The cover design phase is one of the process’s most interesting and time-consuming parts.

With four initial designs to choose from, we have to work with feedback from Vittorio’s close network to get the best cover most people will agree to be the best.

But in the end, we got a cover we liked, one Vittorio himself liked, and one that was appraised by people around him who are within the target audience the book was written for.

Our author has their part in the whole publishing process.

After all, it’s their book, dream, and baby.

We give them that voice to decide what they want, and with our wealth of experience as a publisher, we work together to make the best decision for our author’s book.

The next phase is that of formatting and preparing the book for publishing.

For DIY and inexperienced published authors, things like how to get an ISBN and tie that to each version of the book can be daunting.

Before we could finish the pre-publishing phase, Accessing Your True Potentials Audiobook was recorded, edited, and mastered by our audiobook team.

In the end, with just a week to the three-month mark, Accessing Your True Potentials was published as an ebook on Amazon and sites like Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple store, Scribd, and many other online bookstores.

We also had the book published in paperback and hardcover on Amazon while the audiobook was published on Audible, Audiobooks, and 10 other audiobook platforms like Google and iTunes.

After years of dreaming and wishing, Vittorio’s new baby and a long-term dream came to life.

What Vittorio Has To Say About Working With The Book Cot Team To Complete and Publish Accessing Your True Potentials

How To Get Your Book Written And Published As A Busy Entrepreneur

Presently, I am the host of 2 podcasts; I have two businesses to run while I have a wife who needs my attention and time.

All I have is 24 hours a day.

Some days, despite having most parts of my businesses and podcasts being run by others, I have to work longer than usual.

Writing a book with this kind of schedule will be very difficult, and I know I am a writer who loves writing.

If you are a busy entrepreneur who either can write a book but doesn’t have the time to do so or you don’t even know how to write while also having no time to write, writing and publishing a book in 3 months as Vittorio did is possible.

That’s not possible hiring a ghostwriter on Upwork or Fiverr ( no dig at these platforms. I once made $51,000 on Fiverr while freelancing to help authors format their books, and there are qualified experts on those platforms).

Vittorio hired a ghostwriter, leaving him with an uncompleted and unpublished manuscript.

With the experience and professional book writing and publishing experts available at The Book Cot, you won’t have anything in the way of becoming a published author in the next 3 months.

The only thing you need right now to get started is to get in touch with us here to tell us about your book and then book a call to discuss how to get started with birthing your dream book to life.

Here is what Vittorio has to say about his experience working with The Book Cot’s team to get Accessing Your True Potentials into life.

Have you got an abandoned manuscript, or are you just starting with a book idea?

Tell us about your book idea here, and book a call with us to get started.


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