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Have a book in you and you don’t have the luxury of time and the expertise to write and publish a book by yourself?

Tell us about your book idea and let’s bring in our experience and expertise to help you birth your book to life.


Frequently Asked Question

What if I'm not exactly sure what my book should be about? Should I figure that out first before I get in touch with you?

No. You should get in touch with us.

This is exactly what we do – help you figure out if you have a book in you, and what exactly the topic should be.

And of course, we will do that BEFORE you decide to work with us (and pay us).

Our founder and the whole Book Bot team have usually spent decades in publishing, and are experts at helping you understand not only what the best book is in you, but how it can help you.

Probably the most valuable part of our process for most people is what we call “positioning.”

This is where we help you figure out exactly what your book is about. It works by running you through three questions:

1. What result must this book create in order to be a success for you?
2. What audience do you need to reach in order to get that result?
3. What do you have to say that’s interesting and valuable to that audience?

What if I'm not sure I have enough to say for a book?

That’s precisely why you should talk to us–we’ll help you make sure your idea is good enough for a book.

Our process does not work unless you actually have a book’s worth of ideas in your head. We don’t add any content to your book; we only get your book out of your head. So the very first step in our process–before we start–is ensuring that you do, in fact, have a book in you.

Not everyone has a book in them, and we’re happy to tell you that.

We only want to work with people who have a good book idea that will be interesting to readers and bring them a clear ROI.

The reality we’ve found is that most professionals actually have more than one book in them.

Someone who has spent a lot of time gaining deep expertise in a field typically has a lot of knowledge that would be more interesting to people than they realize.

For most people we deal with, the question is not whether they have a book in them, it’s how many, and which one should they do first.

Am I the author of the book? Is it in my voice?

Yes, you’re the sole author of your book, and yes, it is in your voice. Exception to this is our Co-Author Publishing Package which you can join other experts in your niche/field to create the contents for the book.

For our Book Cot Professional Publishing Package, you are the only one contributing the ideas, the knowledge, and the content to the book. We just do the work of getting the content out of you without you having to write a word.

We add no content, so it would be inappropriate for us to take any authorial credit. The idea is what matters, not the scribe who copies it down.

Furthermore the writing itself is exclusively in your voice. That is part of what makes our process so different from ghostwriting.

We are essentially a conduit to get your ideas into a book by properly structuring and organizing and recording them.

But the ideas and content are 100% yours.

What makes The Book Cot different from a ghostwriter?

Simply put, working with a ghostwriting means the book is not really your ideas or words.

With The Book Cot, your book is entirely your ideas and your words.

Ghostwriters start with your concept for a book, and some of your ideas, but the words and tone and voice are theirs.

In essence, ghostwriting means someone else writes a book, and then you pay them so you can put your name on it. It’s not really your book.

With The Book Cot, your book is authored by you.

The ideas and words and content are entirely yours, and are in your voice.

We add no content, no words, no ideas. We put nothing in that did not come out of your mouth and your brain.

We like to say that we help you translate your ideas into a proper, professional book, but all meaningful parts of authorship are yours, so you are the sole author.

The two other main differences are these:

1. Ghostwriters only give you a manuscript, and do nothing else. We do full publishing and distribution.

2. A good ghostwriter is much more expensive than our process (usually 100k+ for a good one).

We’re able to be much cheaper precisely because we don’t add content, we just translate your ideas into book content.

If you don’t know anything about what you want to write a book about, then you need to hire a ghostwriter. That way the ghostwriter can do the research and write a book that makes sense, and you get to have your name on it.

We don’t work with entreprenuers who don’t know anything about the subject or topic of the book they want to write about.

We work with busy entreprenuers who are experts in their field and just need our services to get their expertise and stories out to the world in form of a published book.

Is there anyone who should not work with The Book Cot?

Yes, definitely.

We only work with busy entreprenuers who want to share their stories, expertise and experience to the world in form of a published book without the time commitment required to write and publish a book.

And with that been said, we also want to make sure our client fit well into the picture of who we can help.

Here is a partial list of the types of busy entrepreneurs who are not good fits for our process:

You Don’t Know Your Topic: If you don’t know what you’re talking about on your subject, and need to do more research.

In essence, if you can’t teach your topic to someone else.

You Want To Type Everything Yourself:  Part of the value of our process is saving you time from having to write and publish a book for months or years the traditional way.

If you enjoy the traditional way and process of writing and publishing a book like a professional author will do, then you are not a good fit for our process.

You Don’t Know Why You Want To Write A Book: If you have no idea at all why you want to write a book or what you will use the book for, then we are probably a bad fit.

Our service requires a big financial investment, so you should have an idea of why you are investing that money.

How long will my book be?

Book length is entirely dependent on the author and their book topic.

We don’t have a fixed length, but generally find that most authors end up around 120 to  150 pages.

We’ve got a lot of data on this, and for non-fiction books this is the optimal length–both for readers and for authors. It is not an intimidating length, so readers are more likely to buy and actually read the book, and it’s about the right length for most authors, where they are saying substantive things, but not repeating themselves or padding the pages.

We are big believer in books being only as long as they have to in order to make their point, and no longer.

How can I make money with my book?

From our experience in the traditional self publishing industry, we don’t believe so much in the idea of writing a book solely for the purpose of selling it and been paid a royalities.

The exception to this is if you are a big name celebrity or influencer and you can put your big online audience to a good use to push millions or thousands of book sales.

As a busy entrepreneur who have a published book, there are many ways to monetize a book.

You can use a book to raise your visibility, build your authority, generate leads for your business, bring you clients, get speaking gigs, sell your products and services, launch businesses, and achieve many other objectives.

A book is the best multi-purpose marketing tool there is.

Do you do fiction?

No, not right now and not in the nearest future.

Do you have a marketing package for me after my book is published?

The marketing needs of each book vary depending on the goals of the author.

If  getting leads is why you want to have a book in your name, the way we are going to help market and promote your book is different from what we will do for an author who wants media attention, so it’s impossible for us to offer a scalable, comprehensive one-size-fit-all solution that meets the needs of all authors.

We’d rather not try to force every author into a one-size-fits-all solution.

Instead, we help our authors find the best solution for them and for their needs.

But in short, we focus more on long term and interraction focused marketing that can be done once and have long term effect.

We don’t believe in the common book marketing tactics that you will see a lot of authors doing and that is because from our background working with traditional and professional self published authors at Authors Crib (our parent company) to sell and market their books, we have discovered those common and muck talked about book marketing idea like ads and social media marketing to name a few aren’t scalable, sustainable and also takes the human factor off the table.

And to us, we cherish the human factor and we know in any form of marketing or sales, we are dealing with human and so, we have to deal with them as such and not as robots who we can automate conversation with like with a marketing funnel.

I can't afford your services, but I still want to write my book. Is there any other way for us to work together?

This is what we wish to say to this question.

Sorry about that.

Right now might not be the best time to get published because of your limited budget but you can surely get in touch with us when you can afford our service and we will be glad to be of help.

But heck, we won’t say that.

We understand it takes some sizeable amount of money to work with us and for if you are an entrepreneurs who might be at the verge of starting their businesses and can’t afford the budget to work with us, we have provided a means to help you.

You can get a copy of our book – The 30 Day Book Method for just $9.99.

This book will show you the process we use for our clients to get their book out and if you have more time than money, you can follow those six steps you will learn inside the book to write and publish your book without our help.

Ready to become our next published author without writing a word?

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