Would You Like Us to Do All The Heavy Lifting To Get You To Become An Instant Authority And Expert In Your Field And An Amazon Best-Selling Author In the Next 90 Days With You Just Writing A 200 Word Chapter While Working With 30 Other Amazon Entrepreneurs Like You For A Tiny Fraction Of What It Cost To Write, Prepare And Publish A Book?

You’ve got a great story, expertise and experience you’ll like to share with the world, we’ll help you propagate what you have to say via an Amazon bestselling book.

And You probably already know the benefits of getting a book published and becoming a bestselling author:

Build a stronger personal brand sharing your stories, ideas, experience and expertise

A tool to share your story, message, expertise and idea to a worldwide audience on the biggest book search engine in the world – Amazon and other online bookstores where people are already waiting to read what you have to say.

Pre-frame yourself to clients before they even speak to you. Your book shows your expertise.

Use it in your content marketing plan to get leads

Open the door to new opportunities

A book is your most powerful business card and a gift you can share with your potential clients that they won’t refuse

Add to your signature your bio, your posts, emails, social media profiles and your proposals

Add to your signature your bio, your articles, and your proposals

Instant Authority Boost

Adding that first book or another book to your library will boost the credibility of you and your brand.
But… how?

If you struggle with a lack of confidence, time, money, or knowledge, all of this can seem overwhelming…
I get it.

And yes, we get it! Writing, publishing, and launching a book can be daunting and intimidating.

Vittorio Calabrese - Author Of Accessing Your True Potential

“You guys at The Book Cot made the process of writing and publishing my book an easy breeze”

Starting and finishing any book is tough…

Publishing a book, especially your first book, can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to worry about writing, but then there is formatting, editing, the cover, marketing, launching, getting reviews, etc…

One of our recent authors was a busy CEO of 5 different companies with a family that needed his attention and time.

Vittoria Calabrese is an entrepreneur who want to share his life stories and lessons he has picked up along his life journey and knows the beauty of sharing that in a book but doesn’t have the time to write or publish one.

But within 90 days, we are able to help him not just to complete his unfinished manuscript but also get his book polished, prepared, and published.

He is now a proud best-selling author without having to spend a lot of time it takes to write a book.

But it cost Vittoria more than $8k to get our team to do our magic to get his book published in less than 90 days – something he has tried on his own to do for years.

But what if, like Vittoria, you love to become an author or even add another book to your name but don’t have the time and a check of $8k or more to get our team to get you published in 90 days or less?

As entrepreneurs, our jobs are to solve problems and bring solutions our target clients and customers can use to get what they want.

We have asked ourselves at The Book Cot one question:

“How can we help more busy entrepreneurs like Vittoria and many of our past clients to become a published authors and even a best-selling author for a fraction of the time and money it cost to become a best-selling author in 90 days or less?”

This leads us to come up with the idea of bringing likes minds who want the same thing as others to put time, resources, and ideas together to achieve a common goal of becoming not just a published author but an Amazon best-selling author without spending too much time and money to achieve that.

This is what birthed the idea of our multi-author book.

You don’t have to be a publishing or book marketing expert to have a book. You don’t even have to write the whole book.
You can simply join forces together with others who want to author and publish a best-selling book.

If you struggle with a lack of confidence, time, money, or knowledge, all of this can seem overwhelming…
I get it.

And yes, we get it! Writing, publishing, and launching a book can be daunting and intimidating.

What Is Co-Authoring A Multi-Author Book?

You have probably seen me or someone else do it. Co-authoring a multi-author or anthology book is done by gathering a group of authors or aspiring together, and each author contributes a chapter.

That’s it. You just worry about writing a great 1500-2500 word chapter and letting everyone else do the rest.

We (the host and organizer) handle the technicality of writing and publishing a book, like cover creation, editing, formatting, and promotion (marketing).

In fact, it is incredibly cost-effective for all contributing co-authors.
Joining a multi-author book project in this way allows you to get your name out for a fraction of the total cost of a book.

Our Multi-Author Book Project

Our Multi-Author Book Project enables you to get your first book (or next book) out there quickly and painlessly. It also allows you to learn how we publish and consistently make our books bestsellers.

By joining this book:

You get Bestselling Author Status (forever!)

Your stories will be read by a global audience

You create a lead magnet (entry) to whatever you offer online. This could be another book, your website, your course, or coaching. (hint: you can never have too many of these)

You create another permanent marketing asset for your portfolio. My goal is to create lead magnets and content assets continuously. There are few better assets than a book and few ways to get your name on a book that is more economical than The Multi-Author Project.

You have myself and your co-authors marketing you forever after (free)!

Every time any one of us sends someone to read this book, that person sees you.

Authority by association. Just being a co-author on a book shows you add value. This is a way to add that quickly.

You don’t have to be a book marketer or learn book marketing to have a Bestseller. You just need to focus on your great chapter!

Here’s Who This is For:

You are a coach, consultant, agency owner, business executive, thought leader or an expert who have an amazing stories to tell to tell and you:

Have built or managed a six figure business from the scratch

Have always loved to become a published author but too busy to write or publish a book

Love to work with an expert who can help guide you through the book publishing process

Love to work together with other amazing entrepreneurs like you to write and publish a book for a fraction of the time, effort, and money it takes to publish a book

That’s it!

Here is What You Get When You Join the Multi-Author Project

A Bestselling Book

You will become a Bestselling Author when we make this book a Bestseller through our marketing channels

Global Distribution

Our book will be distributed globally through all the appropriate publishing channels.

A Lead Magnet

You determine where readers should reach you, and you may even provide a lead magnet and link to it on your site to build your email list.

Permanent Marketing Tool

I call this perpetual marketing. This book will forever work on your behalf to build authority and leads for your business.

Power of your Co-Authors

Witness the power of multiple co-authors promoting this book, and in turn, reaping the benefits.

Increased Exposure

All the authors promote and create exposure. But also, every single new lead one of your co-authors, outside of the book, becomes a potential lead for you because of your association via this book.

Here’s How It Works

1. Enroll In The Six Figure Code Multi-Author Project Below

You will instantly reserve your spot and any other bonuses. You will then receive an email telling you what to do next (for the items below, like Bio and headshot, your chapter, and your Call-To-Action.

2. Send Us Your Bio and HeadshotAND

We want the perfect Bio and Headshot to match your platform. Don’t have one yet or need help? That is what we are here for!

3. Start Brainstorming Your Chapter Topic

Ideally, your chapter fits well with our book and attracts people to your website, products, coaching, other books, or future books. We will help you with the idea if needed.

4. Write Your Chapter

After getting clarity on your chapter topic (which we help you with if you prefer that), it’s time to write your chapters.

Not a natural writer, or you don’t have the time to write your chapter? Sure, we have got you covered. We have a proven process we can use to help get your chapter out without you having to write a word, and this isn’t ghostwriting – your chapter will be in your words and from you, just that you don’t need to write to get it out.

5. Make Note Of The Launch Dates And Get Ready!

We will confirm the launch dates with you, give you promotional materials for email and social media.

6. Let Us Do The Rest

Then let us handle the editing, formatting, publishing, and marketing process. You will soon be adding a Bestselling Book Title to your library!

Here Is What You DO

Enroll to join the multi-author book project

Follow all the laid down instructions – you have everything simplified for you already

Write your chapter. And you also have the option to use our proven process to get your chapter written if you don't have the time to write

Join the promotional launch party when it's time. Also, you don't need to worry about what to do or what to say to join the promotional party. You have every promotional material you need supplied by us.

Here Is What You DON’T Do

No spending months or years trying to figure out the book publishing process to have you become a published author

No, figuring out the best book topic, the ideal book content outline, what to write, and how to write

No finding an editor who will refine your words and ideas in the way you want.

No trying to get the best cover design for your book.

No worrying about how to get your book published and where to publish it to

There is no question of how to launch your book and market it to your target readers.

No need to sit down and write regularly

No need to build an audience you can sell your book to – you have the audience of other co-authors to promote you and what you do

No need to find a literary agent to pitch your book idea

Here Are The Outcome You Should Expect By Joining Our Multi-Author Book Project

Become a bestselling author (only 1% of the population has achieved this), and you can become one for a small fraction of what it takes to write and publish a solo book!

Enjoy the benefits of having a full team, including editors, designers, and marketers.

Get an A-Z plan on how to expand your circle, make more money, and get more attention.

Use your new published status to be featured in the media, and podcasts and get speaking gigs

Follow a time-tested formula for writing a powerful chapter, or we will interview you to get your chapter written without writing a word.

Share your unique story with the world

Leverage the networks of other amazing entrepreneurs to build your credibility, amplify your reach and get more leads and paying clients for your business.

Differentiate yourself in your niche and stand out among your competitors!

What’s The Fee?

There is an enrollment fee of $1200 to join The Six Figure Code Multi-Author Book Project.
You can either pay this as a one-time fee of $1200

Note this is a project we expect our co-authors to be committed to. We only look towards working with you if you believe you will be committed to this project and join in the promotional activities planned to make this book a best-seller and success.
So if you’re interested…

Here Is What You Get

Guidance and help on how to write your chapter and bio (Value $500)
Every book The Book Cot creates has a clear theme to make it easy for you to write your 1,000-3,000 word chapter and professional bio. We also provide guidance on how to intuitively write within a structured outline.

And if you are too busy to write your chapter, we will interview you to share your stories, turn the interview into written words, have our editors refine that and now you have your chapter.

Formatting (Value $500)
Allow us to handle all formatting of both the Kindle and paperback editions of the book.
Publish on Amazon, Apple iBook Store, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Other Major Onlne Bookstores (Value $300)
Our team takes care of the details on Amazon and other major online bookstores. We inform you of the release date so you can be prepared to share it with your audience.
Private networking group (Value $300)
Use this group to ask questions and network and collaborate amongst other authors
Become a bestselling author (Priceless)
Last but not least, you will become a bestselling author and have the graphics to add to your website and social media accounts.
Editing your chapter (Value $300)
Once your chapter and bio are complete, you simply email them to our editing team and they take it from there. You can receive feedback and a second look at your chapter to ensure it’s polished and ready to be seen by the world.
Cover design (Value $500)
We take pride in hiring the best designers for absolutely gorgeous covers.
Book Publishing & Marketing team (Value $3,000)

Our marketing team provides clear instructions on how we create an international launch and promotion.

Here’s What I Want You to Do Next:

Click here to make a payment to join the multi-author book project.

Once your payment has been successful and received by us, you’ll get an email with instructions on what to do next and how to get started.

Client Love


With my book project, you knew what needed to happen first and second, and third, and I just kind of followed your lead.

So it was super easy working with the team. I was super happy with the results, from graphics to editing to layout.

Everything was done perfectly. I mean, I can’t complain about anything.

Vittorio Calabrese

“Before I met Mayowa, I was just a struggling dating coach with no platform, email list, and income.

But things changed when you and your team helped me put together and publish my first book – No More Mr. Nice Guy.

Without a website, I have been able to use my book to sell my dating coaching to men who need what I have.

Ed. Turner

“Mayowa’s lead was easy to follow and gave me all the basics I needed to set up my publishing platform. His style is warm and approachable and I feel good he can be a good mentor and advocate for me in my publishing journey.”

Andrew Stotz

You did an AMAZING JOB! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Very fast, very helpful, and very thorough.

This would have been a very difficult process, but you did this great work for me and helped me focus on getting my book written and published.”

Joseph Snider

This will be your next book…

The title, subtitle and cover may change slightly, but you will be a part of this guaranteed bestseller!

Join The Six Figure Code Multi-Author Project and Get Bestseller Status

And add this book to your library.

Build your Brand,

Build your Authority.

Build your Business.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, reach out to us via [email protected]

What if I haven't written before?

We are working to get a best-selling book; the process isn’t a writing test.

Your chapter will be reviewed for content and professionally edited. It will be awesome!

There are many ways we can help you get it done if you don’t have the time to write or don’t know how to write your chapter.

What is in it for me?

You will become a Bestselling Author.
It also creates a starter platform for you as an author if you need to write more books. Your credibility will skyrocket, and you will instantly become an authority compared to your competitor, who doesn’t have a published book to their name.

What would it feel like to add “Bestselling Author of…” to your email signature.
You have also just created a permanent piece of marketing that others (The Book Cot and your other co-authors) will promote for you perpetually.

Will this book be a Bestseller?

Yes. We guarantee it will be a Bestseller (on Amazon).

The non-fiction genre for online businesses and self-help books is very large; we’ll use the best marketing systems to get the book noticed.

Can you imagine being able to tell people you are not only a published author but also a Bestselling Author?

Who gets the royalties?

There is no royalty share, as this is not an income play. This book will be positioned as a business card and lead magnet.
For that reason, it will be priced very low long term, so there will be maximum exposure for all co-authors.

The ebook will be priced at 99¢ while we also make the paperback the minimum required price on Amazon for co-authors to get easy access.

Note the paperback price will depend on the page count of the book.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

No, there are no refunds.

For this opportunity, we have a limited number of spots. We will not have any ability to refund you after you sign up because we start moving immediately and close up the offer.

However, if we don’t hit one Amazon Bestseller List, we will refund everyone.
This book is about increasing credibility and making you a Bestselling Author. It will be amazing!

What if I have already published a book?

Congrats!!! That is HUGE!!

Adding another book to your library adds even more credibility. You have an opportunity to increase the number of books in your Amazon Author Central Library.

What about author copies, pricing, etc?

There are no author copies included.

We don’t want to charge more, so we can send authors 50 books each.

Most co-authors only want a few copies (at least in the beginning), and it is much easier for them to get the exact amount.

We have special and affordable arrangements for co-authors who want to order copies of the paperback book.

How do we know the book will be high quality with so many different authors?

This is a great question.

Interestingly, we find the opposite to be true for a couple of reasons.

We believe the information is what is important (not having established oneself as an author). And here is where it gets interesting: new authors are so conscious of making a great debut that they work extra hard on their chapters and deliver their message.

If anyone is unsure of the topic or structure of their chapter, we will go over it.

We have a strict content review process in place, and for every chapter submitted, we pass it through 3 different checkpoints for content and then editing.

Occasionally we will ask for revisions if our content review process shows us that.

What are the individual chapter expectations?

Your chapter contribution will be 2000 words.

The final number of authors will determine the size of the book.

You will submit a chapter, your headshot, and a short bio. Then you can sit back and let us do the rest of the work.

Are you ready?

Why Should I Pay To Be A Co-Author?

We could bring you to join this project for free, but what will you expect from such?
Paying our in-house editor to polish, proofread and edit our books costs money.

If we ask you to come in free, how well do you think the book will come out when we don’t invest in getting our in-house editor to polish, proofread and edit the book?

Also, there are $5 cover designs anyone can buy on Fiverr.

If we charge you nothing to be a part of this book project, will you be fine to have your name associated with a book on which we slap a $5 Fiverr cover?

If you want to be a co-author for all the benefits you have, joining this book project all for free; sorry, you should look for another book project to join that could serve your need.

We spend thousands of dollars to produce quality books for our clients, and the price you are paying to join this book project is just a token of what it costs our clients to have a solo book produced by us.

And also, we want to make sure you have your name associated with a book you and anyone who knows you will be proud to be associated with and to guarantee that we need to pay for professionals to handle all the phases of the book, from proofreading to editing to cover design, copywriting and so on.

We promised you an Amazon best-seller status, and this can’t be done without having some marketing budget which is part of what we are using what you pay to do.

You get what you pay for; in our case, free isn’t the right word to get you all we promised.

I Once Saw Sally Sue Been Paid To Be A Co-Author For A Similar Project Like This

Honestly, this isn’t the same project as what Sally Sue joined.

We are fine if you prefer to join the book project Sally Sue joined.

This is Truly a Limited Offer, so Join before We Close and Move to the Writing Phase…

Will this be the year that you become a bestselling author?

Will you see the path to your solo book now that you have joined a bestseller.

I hope you’ll join me on this exciting journey to tell and share your story and become a bestseller and beyond!

To Your Success,

Mayowa Ajisafe

Founder, The Book Cot

Host, The Six Figure Entrepreneur Podcast

P.S. In case you’re one of those people, like me, who just skip to the end of the letter, here’s the deal:

You can join The Six Figure Code Multi-Author Book Project, write one chapter to become a published author (or add another book to your portfolio), get Bestseller Status, and have a permanent authority/marketing piece attached to our other books in the current series. 

About The Book Cot

The Book Cot is an international publishing company that champions the stories of entrepreneurs who are trailblazers, innovators, and instigators.

We also help coaches, consultants, CEOs, business professionals, and other professionals to write, publish and launch their books in 90 days or less without writing a word of it.

From working with many of these amazing people and our founder interviewing more than 70 of these trailblazing entrepreneurs, we discovered almost everyone wants to write a book, but most are busy writing one and can’t figure out the whole publishing process.

Our mission is to make book publishing for every busy entrepreneur with a story to tell, an experience, or expertise to share an easy breeze.

We believe in the power of stories and the transformation that happens in other people’s lives or businesses when one brave author takes the leap to own their voice and share their story, expertise, or experience.

We have helped many entrepreneurs elevated their brand, visibility, and authority and by 2026, we hope to have helped 10,000 more.

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