How I Made $37k From A 40 Page Book Without A List, Audience and Zero Marketing And How You Can Make More Writing A 100 Page Book

If you have thought of writing a book before now, you should put a break to that thought until you read this blog post.

Wait for a second; I mean that, and soon, if you read further down, you will understand why.

In this post, I will show how I turned one of my popular LinkedIn group posts into a 40-page book and how that book made me $37k without an audience or an email list and without doing anything to market or sell the book.

But before giving you the full gist of how I pulled that off of a $2.99 book, I like to ask you a question.

I am sure you know who Russell Brunson is.

Of course, you should.

The last time I checked, Russell had published more than 4 different books.

Have you ever thought of why a rich and popular CEO of one of the most popular funnel-building software in the world will be writing and publishing book after book and, most time, giving those books away for free (yes, technically for free if you consider he uses more of the free plus shipping model for his books)?

Clickfunnel is a popular tool today in the online marketing space, but the success of that tool can be traced to all of Russel’s books which he promoted heavily with ads and affiliates.

The reason for that is this.

After reading all the tactics and strategies, he shared in his books, the next logical step for readers is to signup for Clickfunnel, which is a tool that will help readers of his books to implement all those strategies and tactics efficiently.

And before you can say jack, as his books get to people’s hands, signups for Clickfunnel keep soaring.

This is not luck or anything.

Russell and his team planned this, and it worked well.

Ok, this post isn’t about Russell or Clickfunnel.

It’s about how an unknown guy with no email list, a big audience, or any clout online was able to make $37 in 4 months from a 40-page book and how you can copy this strategy and make more by simply modeling what I did then and even doing it better.

Here is the full gist.

From A LinkedIn Post To A 40 Page Book On Amazon

For 6 months in 2014, I ran a book marketing agency off of my self-publishing business back then

I closed the business down when what I was doing then became so boring and unfulfilling for me.

But before closing down a business that made me a lot of money, I worked with an author, and she got great results working with me.

I was active on Linkedin then and wrote a case study detailing the results I got for my Facebook ads book marketing client.

I posted that inside a Linkedin group without considering what would happen afterward.

After posting that case study, I kept getting comments on the post and was pumped up to write another post about how authors can use Facebook ads to sell more books.

That post got some cool traction.

If little can help, more surely will cure. I took that LinkedIn post I posted on my blog and published it on Amazon.

The price of the book? $2.99

At the end of the book, I added a link for readers to fill out a Wufoo form if they want to work with me to help them sell their books using Facebook ads.

And that was it!

Days after publishing the book, I started getting email notifications from Wufoo.

In the space of 4 months, I’ve worked with some authors among those who filled out my application form, and I’ve made $37k from doing that.

I didn’t do anything to sell the book, I only published it on Amazon, and that’s it.

I must say this anyway.

Doing the same thing now won’t give anyone the results I got from that book.

That book was published in 2014, and then it’s easy to publish a book, and people will start noticing it and buying it.

Today, the competition is keen on Amazon, and having significant success selling books needs a well-planned marketing plan.

Although Amazon helped me sell the book, what made me get such results were down to these factor

1. I Wrote A Book That Solved A Pressing, And Common Pain. Most Authors Have

I made good money helping people sell their books.

I can say most authors are writers and not marketers.

I’ve talked to many authors during that period, and all of them have no clue how to sell their books after writing one.

And back then, Facebook ads are also starting to get that traction as a marketing channel to sell products and services online.

And it was super cheap to get results from running Facebook ads then.

When I wrote that post, it showed a lot of authors what’s possible with Facebook ads to help them solve the pain of not knowing how to sell their books.

For that same reason, that book sold well on Amazon, and it has been selling since then, even years after closing down my book marketing business.

Find a pain point in your niche and solve it with your expertise, blog about it, write a book on it and add a call to action for readers to take the next step of working with you, publish that book and market the hell out of it.

That’s the simple formula for marking money off writing and publishing a business book.

How do I know?

I’ve done this many times after the success of my Facebook Ads Book Marketing For Authors Book.

I’ve used this same formula to write a dating book that solved a problem I paid a dating coach $750 to solve years ago.

That book has sold more than 1500 copies since then.

And that figure might look small to you, but the money I made from that book that doesn’t even have my real name on it came from people contacting me to coach them on how to implement what I wrote in the book.

And years after I moved on from my side gig of being a dating coach for men, that book still sells well today and impacts many men to date smartly.

2. People Have Pains, And They Are Searching For Solutions To Their Pains On Amazon

Unlike fiction books that people buy to be entertained, people buy nonfiction books to solve a problem or learn something new.

The two books I talked about in this post solved a pain point my target audience has.

And on Amazon, my target audience is there with their credit cards, searching for a book to buy that will solve their pain.

Amazon only helped me put those books in front of them to help them make more money from me, while I also got to make money off of my call to action for readers to work with me after reading the books.

This is a win-win situation for every party.

For Amazon, they make money off their share of my book royalty.

For me, I made a couple of bucks from book royalty (which isn’t the reason I published the books in the first place), and I was able to make more money from the backend of the book.

For my readers and target audience, they got their problems solved.

If you have an online business and need more leads, customers, and clients, you leave a lot of money on the table by not having a business book in your name.

But you might be asking yourself this.

How do I write a book like this?

How To Write And Publish A Business Book In Less Than 3 Months Without Writing A Word

I told you at the beginning of this post to stop the thought of writing a book until you read this post.

I said that because I don’t want you to make the mistake of thinking writing a book itself will do wonders for you and your business.

As a business owner, I know you want a positive ROI for the time and money spent writing and publishing a book.

I don’t want you you write a book that will make you nothing at the end of the day.

To get good results from writing and publishing a business book, you must do some thorough planning.

You need to write a book that people want to read.

You need to plan how to get your book into the hand of your target audience.

This, on its own, is what many business book authors don’t know before writing their books.

At The Book Cot, these are what we sit down with our authors to plan before we talk about how to write their books.

Let’s say you have figured those out.

How can you write and publish a book in less than 3 months?

You have two ways to go about this.

1. Do It Yourself

It’s easy to write a book today than it was years ago.

Got more time than money?

You can take the pain of planning your book outline and then take your outline and speak into a microphone or a recording taken or device while talking about everything you want to write in your book.

You can then take those recordings and send them for transcription, hire an editor to polish the transcribed files, and hire a book cover designer and formatting expert to prepare your book for publishing.

If you have more money than time, you can hire a ghostwriter on Upwork; you now have a manuscript.

One of The Book Cot’s authors took this route when he started his book project.

All he got was an unfinished manuscript and the questions of how to turn what he had into a published book before he worked with us to get his book polished and published in less than 3 months from the day he hired us to help with his book project.

You can read about Vittorio’s experience before and after working with us here.

The problem with this route is evident.

You are not a publisher.

You don’t know much about writing and publishing a book.

And if you do, there is more to writing a successful business book than just writing and publishing it.

But taking this route will just put you ahead of your competitors who don’t have a published book.

But if you don’t want to write a business book, that would bomb.

If you want to write a business book that will make you money and get you more leads and clients or customers without wasting your time, money, or effort, the second option is for you.

2. Outsource Your Book To A Business Book Publishing Company Like The Book Cot

Shameless plug here.

Heck, I have a business to run, and if I don’t talk about my business, who will?

From the book idea planning phase to writing your book, getting it published, and making sure your book gets into the hand of your target readers, we would work with you to turn your idea into a published book in 3 months or less.

And the best part is you don’t need to write a word.

We know you are busy running your business with little or no time for writing and publishing a book yourself.

We have processes to make life easy for our authors to get published without the time, energy, and involvement it takes to get a book written and published.

Got an unfinished manuscript like Vittorio?

We would help you turn your unfinished manuscript into a published book to help you grow your business.

Have you got no manuscript at all, and all you have is an idea of the book you want to write, even if you are unsure what to write?

We would sit down with you to perfect your book idea and have one that will give you a good ROI for your business.

With just 5 hours of your time, our team will get your book out of you via an audio or video interview.

And from there, we handle everything you need to publish your book.

If you have a business or are planning to start one and want to write a book, tell us about your idea here, and let’s discuss how we can help you get your book written, published, and launched.


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